Thursday, November 15, 2012

Penny's New Life

I am so happy to report that I have heard from Penny's new family (3 people and another dog). Penny's new owner is a veteran of the Iraq war. She's now his constant and close companion.

She's eagerly trying out a new role to serve (possibly) as his service dog. I always knew in my heart that Penny was destined to do something important. I truly believe she has found her calling. I could not be happier that the 2 of them found each other. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Here's some cute photos of Penny in her new home:

Halloween 2012


Getting into trouble ;)


New housemate

I can't wait to hear all about their family's adventures together!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I just heard that Penny has been adopted! I am so happy for her and I am so happy for her new family! I hope they keep me posted on her new life.

I also just got the link for her first TV appearance on Fox23 in Maine:
I think Penny is destined for great things!

I am so grateful for all the people who helped in some way Penny find her new family. This is just a partial list as I know there are others:

Ruffus Rescue
Save a Litter Pregnant Dog Rescue
Road Trip Home
Animal Welfare Society
Her Maine foster home
Fox23 Maine

I will forever love my little "Henny Penny"

First Foster Mama,

Penny is a Star

Penny is now at Animal Welfare Society (AWS) in Kennebunk, Maine where she is up for adoption. They have some new photos of her up. She's growing up fast.

Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She has even been on a local news show - TWICE! Here is her second appearance, helping to model pet Halloween costumes. She's dressed as a pumpkin about 2:50 mins into the video:

Here's her bio page at AWS:
There's a video there of her playing in her foster home in Maine.

The shelter thinks she would be a great therapy dog and I totally agree! Penny is quite the busy girl. I understand her social calendar is pretty full while she looks for a loving forever home!

I'm so proud of my foster pup and look forward to hearing that she has found

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Penny Photos

Got some fun, cute photos of Penny today that I wanted to post.

Here she's posing and showing off her cute sit.

This is a cute close up of her face

Penny in action--pouncing on a toy

Cool whirlwind shot of Penny running with a tennis ball

I love this action shot of Penny running (notice a theme here?)

Penny LOVES to play with toys and this toy is one of her favorites

One more close up photo--she's so stinking cute!

I hope I get to see photos and hear about her in her new home as she grows and develops into the great dog I know she will be!

Learning About Polite Play

Penny is STARTING to learn she needs to play more gently and more politely. She's not there yet, but getting better.

She absolutely ADORES meeting people. She went with me on a walk on my street late this afternoon. All 16 lbs of her tried to drag me to meet every person that was within her eyesight. She met and played briefly with a 5 and 6 year old little boy. She still is a little to mouthy with those sharp little puppy teeth.

She met some teenage boys and all kinds of adults. When she seems someone, she gets the cutest happy face. She starts bounding over to meet them trying to pull me with her leash. I'm trying to work on her not pulling. We have not made much progress there though.

Penny has started playing with one of my adult female Greyhounds, Cori. Cori has decided now that Penny is learning a TINY bit of manners that she's not so bad to play with after all. Today, I actually was able to video a little bit of their play session. It's very cute to see this little squirt playing with a large dog. They both were clearly having a blast!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Exciting News for Penny

Penny has been accepted into a cool and special program with Road Trip Home Animal Rescue. She will be heading to Maine next week to begin her new life! Road Trip Home transports dogs to top notch shelters up in the north where there are shortages of puppies. These shelters carefully place dogs in loving homes.

This Maine shelter is a privately run group. They charge a pretty hefty adoption fee in order to make sure the adopters are serious about making the commitment to the dog they are adopting. This shelter also offers obedience classes to adopters. They always take the dog back should the adopter not be able to keep the dog or should the adoption not be in the best interest of the person and or the dog.

I would have liked Penny to be adopted in the area, but I think this opportunity will give Penny the best chance at a great life.

I have written a bio about her and a little info guide about her for her new adopters about her schedule and her experiences thus far with me. Kind of a "Penny Instruction Manual" :)

Some family is going to be very lucky to get such a smart and awesome puppy like Penny!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Penny's First Shopping Excursion

Penny went to Petsmart with me this evening. I'm telling you, nothing bothers this little girl:

Riding in the truck - she loves to travel
Pottying in a strange place with lots of dog smells - no worries
Automatic doors - piece of cake
Slick floors - no problem
Sights and sounds of a store - just lots of fun
Meeting  new people - Penny is a social butterfly
Sitting at the register for treats from the cashier -such a smart girl!

Penny is pretty unflappable. She wants to see and do everything. She adores meeting new people.

It's amazing how a 14 lb puppy could practically drag me over to meet every person-- young, old and in between who was in the store. She LOVES people.

We're working on her puppy biting. She's getting better, but those puppy teeth are like needles. A well meaning clerk told me to squeal when she bites too hard. I told the clerk that in a highly excitable dog like Penny, that just gets her going more. I've been working on a firm NO and if that doesn't work, I move away from her. She's getting better, but we still have a ways to go.

There were other dogs in the store too. She tried to convince me that those other dogs would LOVE to play with her--but on that one, I held firm. I just don't want her to have any bad dog experiences while we are working on her socialization.

While we were checking out, the cashier wanted to give her a treat. I told the cashier Penny had to sit for the treat. I think the cashier thought I was kidding, but Penny sat. I thought the lady was going to fall down. She couldn't believe that such a little squirt was so smart.

Penny will be such a great dog for an active family who will respect Penny's strong will but not let her walk all over them. Penny reminds me of Stewie from the cartoon Family Guy. Smart little thing who wants to take over the world :)